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The change in seasons often gets us motivated for spring cleaning. Making a change by cleaning out the cobwebs and clutter accumulated over the winter does more than just freshen your home -- it can also hold healing powers that improve how you feel inside and out!

Spring Cleaning Benefits

1. Reduce your stress levels

Life can often be stressful. It seems like everyone has so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it. Spring cleaning your home means getting rid of those things you don't use, which makes it much easier to tidy and organize your home. When the things you really need have a dedicated space, you spend less time stressing out as you search for them and more time enjoying life.

2. Bump up your productivity

Spring cleaning brings with it a renewed sense of purpose and energy. It's the perfect way to shake off the winter blues by donating or selling those things you no longer use -- they could be perfect for someone else. You'll find it easier to organize your home afterwards, know your former belongings are being put to good use, and you'll spend less energy on finding the things you need.

3. Help keep your allergies at bay

As welcome as spring is after the blustery and cold weather of winter, its arrival ushers in other unwelcome guests -- allergens. While you might not be able to completely avoid allergy triggers that lurk outside your front door (after all, you still need to go to work and shop for necessities) there is still a great deal you can do inside. Tackling the spring cleaning of your house sweeps allergens out of your inside environment and gives your body a welcome respite from those outside.

4. Boost your happiness factor

Cleaning gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. For example, tackling that kitchen counter that always seems to gather clutter such as kids' paperwork and junk mail will open up more space and can propel you to clean more. The satisfaction of cleaning boosts your mood as you see the positive results of your work. Add in some of your favorite music while you clean and your brain's happiness factor will increase even more!

5. Make your focus laser-sharp

Do you feel like your brain is full of cobwebs after the winter? Spring cleaning and getting rid of clutter can make it easier for your brain to focus. Once your brain isn't having to constantly consider what it needs to take care of around your home, it can better concentrate on those things that are more important to you.

Now that you know that spring cleaning has such fantastic benefits for both you AND your house, which project is first on your list to tackle this weekend?

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