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Treatment for Cuts & Scratches in Georgia, Texas & Beyond at MedPost Urgent Care

Even a minor cut or scratch can become a major issue without the right care. If you think your scrape or cut has become infected or needs medical attention, MedPost Urgent Care is here for you.

Our urgent care clinics are located in cities throughout the country and are staffed with friendly and highly trained medical professionals who can promptly diagnose and treat your medical ailments. From treatment for scratches to cuts to minor lacerations, we have the tools and technology to put you on your way to recovery.

When You Need Urgent Care for a Cut or Scratch

If you have a cut from a knife or scratch from an animal or nail, it can be difficult to know whether you need medical care or not. If you’ve applied direct pressure to the wound, cleansed it with soap and water, applied antibiotic ointment and you’re still having issues, you may need to seek professional help.

Here are some of the cases in which we recommend coming in to MedPost for treatment for cuts and scrapes in TN, TX, GA and AZ:

  • The cut is a half inch or longer
  • Bleeding continues after 10 minutes of direct pressure
  • The cut is gaping, deep or jagged
  • The cut has a foreign body in it
  • Your tetanus shots are not up to date
  • You cut your face
  • You may have been exposed to rabies
  • You might have damaged a nerve
  • Your wound isn’t healing after several weeks

If you’re experiencing one of these issues, we can have a doctor at MedPost start diagnosing and treating you as soon as possible. Some of our treatments for scratches or cuts in Texas, Tennessee and Georgia may include bandaging, stitches and applying medication to the affected area.

Urgent Care for Cuts & Scratches at Night & During Weekends

Cuts and scratches often happen after business hours, which is why our urgent care clinics are open in the evenings and on weekends to serve your needs. Find yourr nearest MedPost location, then check in online, or just stop by when you need us.

Come by your local MedPost Urgent Care location today for convenient urgent care for burns, cuts and scratches, and more. We are proud to offer urgent care services at our clinics in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas.

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