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MedPost Urgent Care: Burn Treatment in California, Florida & Georgia

A burn can cause a great amount of pain and also do lasting damage if left untreated. At MedPost Urgent Care, we offer treatment for burns across the country that is available to our patients when they need it. Each of our urgent care clinics is open in the evenings and on weekends, as well as during normal business hours.

It’s our mission at MedPost to offer urgent care that is convenient to you, your family and your community. With this in mind, we provide a number of urgent care services, such as burn treatment, in MO, TN, TX and beyond that won’t leave you waiting too long for care and relief.

First- & Second-Degree Burn Care at MedPost

If you have a skin burn, from cooking or chemicals, it’s important that you know when to get professional medical care. Burns range in severity from first degree to third degree, and treatment varies for each type.

1.First-Degree Burns –– This is the least serious burn in which only the outer layer of skin is burned. First-degree burns can be caused by a sunburn, scalding your skin with hot liquid or by coming in contact with electricity. Although some first-degree burns can be treated at home, if the affected area shows any signs of infection or becomes swollen or painful, you should come in to MedPost. Also, if your child is burned, we suggest taking them immediately to a MedPost location for professional medical treatment.

2.Second-Degree Burns –– A second-degree burn occurs when the skin has been burned through the first and second layers. This type of burn is very painful and causes swelling, redness and blisters. A second-degree burn requires immediate medical attention.

3.Third-Degree Burns –– When a burn affects the outer layer of skin, as well as deeper skin layers and the organs below the skin, it is classified as a third-degree burn. In this case, the skin will appear to be black and white and charred. Even though this burn may have less pain (because of the nerve damage), it is crucial that you go to an emergency department as soon as possible.

At MedPost, our expert medical team is equipped to offer efficient first-degree and second-degree burn treatment from  Atlanta, GA to Costa Mesa, CA. Stop in or check in online at your nearest MedPost to experience our compassionate and convenient urgent care. 

MedPost Urgent Care clinics in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas provide accessible urgent care services, including burn treatment, to patients.



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