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Urgent Care for Broken Bones from California to Florida & Beyond at MedPost

At MedPost, it’s our mission to offer convenient urgent are to you, your family and your entire community. If you or someone in your family has a broken bone, we have the medical expertise to get it diagnosed quickly.

If you have a broken leg or broken arm in CA, AZ, FL, GA or elsewhere in the country, we are ready to help with X-rays and other forms of diagnosis. Each of our urgent care clinics is staffed with highly trained medical professionals with specialization in emergency medicine. If you’ve broken a bone, we know that you want quick pain relief and healing, which is why our services won’t keep you waiting for long – we’ll get you diagnosed and arrange for further care with a specialist nearby. We also accept most major insurances, as well as cash and credit cards, to make our urgent care services affordable for you.

Learn More About Bone Fractures

Fractures and broken bones can be evidenced by a variety of different symptoms, including:

  • Pain near the bone
  • Swelling, bruising or bleeding
  • Dizziness, feeling faint

If you think you might have a broken bone, a member of our medical team can quickly get you in to take a look at the affected area. Then, they will take an X-ray to confirm whether the bone is broken or not and to see the extent of the damage. If we find that you do have a broken leg or arm, we can stabilize it with a brace and help you with next steps for proper treatment. If your condition requires the work of a specialist, we can recommend someone in the area who can provide casts, braces, or even pins and screws.

At MedPost, we equip our team of friendly, knowledgeable nurses and doctors with high-tech equipment to provide you with the medical answers you’re looking for in Texas, Arizona, California, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

MedPost: Our Services Have You in Mind

Our urgent care services at MedPost are built around our patients, which means that we offer medical care that won’t slow you down and can fit into your hectic schedule. Our urgent care clinics are open on weeknights, as well as weekends, and we accept online check in and walk-ins. To receive diagnosis for broken bones and treatment for other urgent care needs from Orange County, CA to San Antonio, TX, come by your nearest MedPost or check in online to save your spot in line.

MedPost Urgent Care offers dependable treatment for broken bones and more at our urgent care clinics throughout Arizona, California, Georgia, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Texas. Check in online or visit us today for medical care. 



Urgent Care Association of America